How Genes effect your muscle growth potential

May 12, 2017
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How quickly can I gain muscle mass?  

So, you want to gain muscle but can’t see results, or you’ve hit a plateau? Then it might have something to do with your genetics. In fact, research has shown that the ease with which you gain muscle size and strength following power or strength training is up to 85% heritable. Let’s have a closer look.   

Factors that affect muscle growth potential:

  • The muscle fiber composition: Your muscle fibre composition is a key player in muscle size. The size and strength of your muscle fibres will increase significantly in response to strength training if you have a higher proportion of fast-twitch than slow-twitch muscle fibres.
  • Type of training: Consistent strength or power training, that progressively overloads the muscle capacity, leads to increased muscle size and strength.
  • Production of proteins and hormones
  • Testosterone levels:  It influence your muscle mass and recovery.
  • Diet: Eating sufficient calories, protein and micronutrients is necessary to increase muscle mass.
  • Recovery: Sleep and recovery time is required to grow. This is when you actually get stronger.
muscle fiber growth

It is worth mentioning that if you have a large amount of slow-twitch muscle fibres you are unlikely to notice a large increase in the size of your muscles. In contrast, fast-twitch muscle fibres increase more in size in response to strength training.

Your genetics can tell more about your muscle growth potential

The gene BMP2, encodes for a protein that can either inhibit or stimulate both muscle (myofibril), bone and cartilage development and fat metabolism, depending on how it is controlled. Despite following the same training regime, individuals with certain variations in this gene gain more muscle mass and burn more fat compared to other individuals.

So basically, specific genes can cause muscles to grow faster or stronger.

Find out if you can grow muscle easily

If you do have a low potential for muscle growth, don’t pull up the white flag just yet. With serious commitment, you can still get there.

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